Keep Dreaming…

I have always loved chewing Bazooka bubble gum. It is my favorite!  I also enjoy reading the silly comic strip inside the wrapper.  Now, they include your “Fortune” too (really, they know my future?).  The “Fortune” on one of my wrappers, described a lot of people that I know in Premier Designs.  It said, “If at first you don’t succeed, deny you were trying at all.”

Wow, what a sad way to look at life and business!  I don’t know very many people who have been successful without experiencing failure along the way.  Failure is a natural part of life.  Failure is the evidence that you are doing something!  Failure is the stepping stone to success.  Failure is a wonderful teacher; we learn more from failure than we ever do from success.  Failure builds character.  Failure is inevitable, but it is not final!  Failure is an event, not a person!  It is going to happen, and you cannot avoid it.  But, please don’t deny ever trying.

I think we should rewrite this fortune and give it some real meaning and significance.  I believe it should say, “If at first you don’t succeed, keep dreaming!”  Dreams are motivating!  Dreams push us through the disappointments and failures.  Dreams are the fuel we need to get us up in the morning and to keep us going late into the night!  Dreams challenge us and empower us!  Dreams drive our behavior and inspire us with a passion to succeed!

What are you dreaming about in your life and your Premier business?  Has this economy squelched your dream?  Have family members and friends told you, “you can’t do it,” and you believed them?  Have the difficulties of being in business for yourself, doused out the fire within you?  Failure is inevitable, but misery is optional!  Keep dreaming!  Dreams are the key to your success!  God tells us to dream big, and He can do more!  Ephesians 3:20 reminds us that God can do “infinitely more than we might ask or think!”  Are you dreaming, or do you believe the lies, that you can’t do it?  Are you dreaming, or are you listening to the naysayers who are uncomfortable because you are attempting to disrupt their comfort zone by expanding your comfort zone?  Keep dreaming!

Abraham Lincoln was defeated 26 times for various Political Offices before he was elected President of the United States.  I’m glad he didn’t deny ever trying to get elected. I believe he kept dreaming!  Walt Disney filed bankruptcy 3 times before he ever made it big with a little mouse named Mickey.  I’m glad he didn’t deny ever trying to build a business. I believe he kept dreaming, and many of us will get to enjoy one of his dreams in June, on our Designer Disney trip!

Keep dreaming!  Don’t deny ever trying at all.  Set a new goal and go to work!  God honors hard work.  Working toward your dream is better than worrying, whining, griping, or denying you ever tried.  You can achieve it, if you believe you can do it!  Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.”  Dream it, believe it, and then determine that you can, and will do it!  Make your dream so big, that only God can do it?  Steven Furtick says, “If your dream is not intimidating to you, it is probably insulting to God!”  God doesn’t want credit for what we can do!  He wants to bless your life and your business, and help you to accomplish greater things than you can even think or imagine!  So keep dreaming!!!

“If at first you don’t succeed, keep dreaming!”  Success is just around the corner, if you just don’t quit dreaming and give up!  God created you for greatness!  Andy Horner always reminds us that, “God didn’t take the time to make a nobody.”  It is so true!

There’s never been a better time in America to offer the hope that we have to others!  They need it and we’ve got it to share!  Keep dreaming!

I cannot promise you a “Fortune” in your Premier business, but I can encourage you, that God rewards hard work in life and I believe in Premier too.  Your success quite possibly, is one more phone call, one more jewelry show, or one more prospect away!  Keep dreaming and keep working!

I cannot wait to see your dreams come true!!!