The Key to Building Your Business

Elizabeth and I are in our 30th year with Premier Designs!  It has been an incredible journey and experience!  We are just amazed and grateful for all that God has done over the last 29 years in our lives through this business!

We are often asked what we did in the early days to build our business.  It is interesting, but very little has changed in the last 29 years, as it relates to building this business.  The key is to be intentional!  People come into Premier wanting to build a business, but they work it occasionally, or casually, or even recreationally.  You cannot build this business any other way than intentionally.  You must be intentional in your activity and your behavior.  Here are four areas that you must be intentional in if you are going to succeed and build your Premier Designs business.

You must be intentional in your CALENDAR.  This business is an activity driven business.  You cannot wait for things to happen.  You must plan them into your calendar and then work your plan. You know how to plan your Jewelry Shows into your calendar, but when was the last time you planned Blingo’s, Opportunity Presentations and One-on-one’s into your calendar?  Put them on the calendar and then start looking for people to invite to your events.  It will keep you talking about the business and this is vital to seeing your business grow!

You must be intentional in your CONVERSATION.  You must talk to people everywhere you go.  Fifty-seven percent of Americans polled, said that they would quit their job tomorrow if they had something else to do.  We have the answer for them, we just have to get out of our comfort zone and start telling people about Premier!  Were you looking for Premier when someone told you about it?  Probably not, but aren’t you glad they took the time to tell you about this great company and business?  Gayle & Mike Foster (Platinum Executive Directors), Pauline & Kent Meier (Seven-Diamond Designers), and Dianne & Richard Breakstone (Platinum Executive Directors) are in Premier today because we were intentional in our conversation.

You must be intentional in your CONTACTS.  Think of people you know or who you are acquainted with, that need to hear about Premier, and then systematically start calling them.  Keep a list of your prospects and refer to it often.  Make sure you spend time each week talking to prospects for your business.  You cannot wait for someone to ask you about Premier.  We sponsored Greg & Melissa Terrell (Diamond Executive Directors) because we were intentional in our contacts.

You must be intentional in your CARE for others.  Character does matter.  Tell people the truth.  Do not exaggerate the facts or figures about our business.  Your Attitude is important every single day!  You are the President of your business.  Make sure you are positive and excited about Premier!  Be intentional in your Relationships!  If you build the people, they will build your business.  Last of all, people are motivated more by your Enthusiasm than by your knowledge.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

This business works, if you will work!  Be intentional in your activity and behavior and you will not be disappointed with the results!

Happy to do it,

Elizabeth & Randy